Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yet another fulfilling weekend :)

The scene that left me with the deepest impact was when wolverine stuck his claws to end Jean Gray's misery.

Hey you gotta be strong ya! We are all here.

Mummy's Shop

Never seen mummy so stressed and lost. So me and Xiao Jie Jie spent the entire day donig marketing, promotion. customer relationship and accounting. (kind of like a 'bao ga liao' role, haha)

Our effort paid off! Gross sales of $401.50. Not bad for a start man!

Peranakan dinner was great. I like it when the whole family can sit together for dinner.


We are the 3+1. (the 3 sport secs + one me).

Gosh! 7 plus hours of non-stop action! I believe it's the longest and most tiring challenge I had so far. The last time I remembered something so crazy was sports camp.

The Route
Ran from Tampanies to Pasir Ris, kayaked to Pulau Ubin, then cycled and waddled in the 'mud spa', river crossing, then kayaked back to Pasir Ris, run back to Tampanies, then run to Bedok then back to Tampanies.

The road was tough but what made it all worth while was the constant encouragment that never ceased from my fellow team mates (Huijing aka lao niang, Zhiwei e spiderman, Heng Kia son of tiong and supposedly first aider). As the sorching hot sun sapped our energy and munch mercilessly into our skins, they pushed me on the miles, letting me set the pace and holding me on towards the end. It was an amazing experience, the sense of achievement, friendship and all.

My legs feels like grass jelly now. Heh.


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