Friday, June 16, 2006


While I was sleep walking hastily(it's possible!) to the office, I saw 2 cheerful colleagues heading for breakfast. Smiling towards me, they were like, 'u look tired man, come join us for breakfast'. The temptation was so overwhelming that it woke me up from my semi-consciousness. They even informed me that my manager was not there yet.

Entering the lift, a few guys were holding waffles, steamy hot from the bakery one street away. Before I left, they were like 'enjoy the weekend' I was like 'yah, enjoy the waffles.'

Strolling towards my desk, the air was filled with ji chong fan. The culprit turned, I was like 'good morning, smells really good!' The reply came 'it's FRIDAY!'

Somehow I feel cheerful today... It's nice to spread the joy around.


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