Monday, August 15, 2005


8 beautiful gals

The Queen and I

Me n my pageant gal

CGL Power!

main com

Lovely nite

Blk supper

The fun came with a heavy price to pay!

Supper still rox

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

All Over Again

I'm not a perfect gal...
Maybe you are right, I only have two moods - happy or pissed.
I'm stubborn, impulsive, and most importantly, I DUN understand.
Give me some time, I'll learn slowly, and hopefully be a better gal.

On a brighter note, thanks little hamster (tiffany) for the amas cookies, PG for your cup noodles, huang hui too and FAtimah (oops Ivy I mean) for orange juice.

For the two nocturnal creatures, thanks for even bothering to entertain me. Or should it be the other way round? Hmm, having ice cream in hall in the middle of the night is actually possible man!

It's sad that when I just got to know everyone better in hall, NBS and school, it's time to leave. Ultimately giving up IBG, IHG, soccer league, IVP, running for committees perhaps every other thing that mattered to me. On the other hand, I'll embrace New York City with open arms, making the best out of it.

You see, we can't have everything.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Years Down the Road...

Years down the road, will we still be the same... I wonder?

The few of us went back to HCI today.
The scenes were familar yet we are no longer in the picture anymore.
The teachers are the same yet their faces have grown more haggard.
(Mrs Tham was telling me how the new SPA system is killing the Science teachers and that it is nothing like the real SPA)

After chatting with Mrs Chua and Mrs Tham, guess it's not easy being teachers afterall. At least Mrs Chua has cute litte ah mu and ah ya to keep her life interesting. (Now that she doesn't have Ronald - not so sure about this one though.)

so cute!

Had a heart to heart talk with Calvin and Sean. After which I came to the conclusion that it's impossible to ever 'get over' someone, so there's no point trying. We just have to get on with life that's all. And for now, being happy it's all that matters.

For now, I am