Sunday, February 27, 2005

2 beautiful people

i still wanna treasure you as a friend.
I'm not the gal for ya,
Not good enough,
Never was.

You'll find that apecial gal,
It's not me,
Maybe it's that beautiful gal
2 beautiful ppl.

U'll always be special,

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Love the place, Love the music, Love Ray... (heh)

Really glad to spend the night with him. It was simply great. Then there was Renchun and F.... hope things work out between them. It was an unforgettable night together with the bunch of guys (whom i don't really know). There was Kaihui, Aaron, ...

But the highlight was seeing u guys, Shan, Joan, Jiaobins...was totally high seeing u all...


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

An Empty Club

The bash was kind of screwed... Dbl'o was nearly empty!
I could understand what Sebestian was going through. I know it's hard for the GLs to
pay for 1 ticket that cost $18 bucks but if one is in his shoes, one will realise that it is not too much of a request anymore.

I am so happy that you went on that day. Being there although everything else sux. HUishan and Xiao JIe jie, I truly did not expect such a turnout... Know it was super turn off for you gals. Paiseh.

When I look into your eyes I know that you are true, and it meant so much to me when you accept me for who I am.

God must have spent, a little more time on you.

Vday Tor

Qinglin, thanz for the tortises, they are truly adorable.
Was really touched to receive it!


tortises unite

TOrtises ROz!

Surf and Sweat

To you

I don't want to find him and lose you
I hope that you understand that whatever happens, nothing changes between us.
And if there is any one I can share this happiness,
It would be you.

Plese don't don't want me anymore,

Sunday, February 20, 2005


I'm like the most blissful gal on earth...
U feel so right.
I am willing to take this risk.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Changi chalet w 13 monkeys

Love u guys so much... Wanna thank u 4 everything. Like i told desmong, u guys are gd guys always.

The steamboat, the snatch for food, the wasted 'yusheng' (somemore my first one for the year), the 21 dian, the 'cheng gays', the 'talk'(guowei, i won do it heh, i appreciate the advice), the wierd thingy 'hipotus' tat sick ronald mentioned, the 'don't stop' joke...

How I miss all that, how i miss the good old days. *teary me*

Sheryl, Shan, Joan, u 'bitches' (blame desmong) are forever stuck with me. *dun care attitude*

p/s For the last time Sean, don't lead desmong astray. N realise the inner good in you more often.

With a 'warmed' heart,

Monday, February 07, 2005

i dun noe

When i hear your voice, see your eyes, I want to believe you.
Yet there's all the things they tell me,
The last thing I want is to end up hurt.