Sunday, January 30, 2005

My fate

My fate in your hands.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Go, Fight, Win

Sunday, January 09, 2005

I love the happy me

As the cheerleading competition draws near, the trainings and practices have become more hectic and frequent. But it was so heartwarming to have 2 jiaobins to send me spagetti at 1 plus in the morning. Ha ha. All those ghost acting and sabooing me on msn.

We sang our way home in Calvin's car. Upon reaching Sean's house, Ash was already at the door. That guy is forever so friendly and smart. He licked my face all over and there was the shaking of paws with him as well. He even know his right and left better than I do. HEh.

Then there was the esplanade rooftop. I didn't know that such a beautiful place existed until Sean and Calvin brought us up there. Shan maybe Sean's right.
Often, we love someone so much that we become so concerned about small details and matters. That's not wrong at all. I always love the emotional you, and it's not at all like you to be rational about your feelings. I'm sure that's what Mr Moon treasure in you too.

It was so troublesome for you to come done that day. I'm seriously not angry with you anymore. Think I read too much into your words that day.

Did some fun flyer stunts but I think I nearly killed the guys with my weight. oops.
Friendly against SMU
Score 4-0
The seniors were great. Diana, Ms Chen, and Tira, those were amazing goals. Cool!
May we prevail during IVP next week!

It's hectic life again. Can hardly breathe. 0 tutorials done. Naughty me.


Thursday, January 06, 2005


Afternnon: Celebrated Ren CHun's birthday at Swensens. Scared him with our 'sweet or sexy' prez. Happy Birthday to you man! Hope you had a great time yesterday. Now that you are one year older, you and zw better not act as black 'duo be gong' and scare me again!

Evening: Soccer trg (One of the worst. Don't think I'll make it to team. Sigh)

Yesterday was the most fun clubbing experience I ever had...

Night: We reached ZOuk at about 10pm, it was hall dnd's bash. At first, I didn't really felt like going but Jackson gave me 2 choices: Go or jump down the hall on my own. But I was glad I went.

Clubbing with all the hall people was just simply great. Mambo night was amazing. Quite different from China Black. People could do synchronised actions and all. Was quite a sight. There were also platforms for different groups of people.


Little Monkey actually brought us to see the 'Ah Guas' and their podium.

Ruyi bought 16 shots at one time for everyone. Plus lots of those firy and bubbly stuff. Basically, me and Cheryl just had so many drinks without having to pay. :) (Just found out that Ruyi is actually my grandsenior, 62 somemore. How coincidental. But the fit is uncanny. He is really another one jiaobin. Funny bloke!)

Jack was getting drunk on basically nothing. He and his se mi mi 'heh heh heh', trying to get us drunk (bluff one), and telling me that his beer is green tea somemore (coz it looked green under the neon light.)

Da Niu, thought you were strong and tough. Heh. But you actually got tipsy. (See drink so much) At first you took care of us then later it's the other way round.

And to the rest of ya hall 9 people out there, thanks for making it a memorable time for me.

We went home after the music stopped and everybody cleared.

To you zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Revelation is clear... It does not have to be made. Seen your mesages, understand your feelings, but I have no solution for you, my friend. It saddens me to see you sad.

Just like that... No responsibilites, no commitments, no worries. I'm being to think that this is the kind of life I want. That's what I call a Hakuna Matata relationship.

PS: Sher thanks for the msg.

Back on earth again,

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back to School

The first day of school had been slack... with last minute announcements to cancel seminar. In the end I slacked about 4 whole hours till Biz Law Lecture. (Sher, same subject today!)

Zhiwei, Bernard, HW, Ben, Sr, Xiao mei niu, clydi, shanru, qh, and my fellow merlot og mates was really great meeting up with you guys. Special thanks Hong Wei for making me a great time table!

Today's highlight...
While I was getting a drink with my friend... I heard a nice sounding voice "SENg". Turning around I saw a sweet looking gal. To my upmost surprise, it was Kailynn. It was really comfortable and great talking to her. We could talk about everything, including desmong's flab. She was as friendly as I remembered from the chalet. Desmong, you are one lucky lucky garfield!

I'm not sure what I want anymore. In my sky, there was once a bright, shining star... Now there are two. As the first one dims, the second smaller star flickers. Some things are meant to be. This time fate shall decide.

430 next day,