Thursday, December 30, 2004

She's back with a Bang

I'm so sick and tired of everything. Wat the f***! Since it meant nothing to you than f*** off. I don't want to shed anymore tears for any other person anymore. For a moment, I thought you were someone I could turn to. But now, it's all back to square one.

On the brighter note, we won hockey today... The Guys are the defending Champions, and though we are 2nd, we fought hard. And that's what matters in the end.

Miao, HAppy Birthday once again. Welcome to the 19th league finally. (though SHinglei is still pathetically trying to catch up) Just wanna tell u fellow pea that whatever happens happens. And when you look back, you'll always have my well wishes.

Looking forward to countdown tomorrow at Brainy's Place.

Hammy New Year,

Friday, December 10, 2004

MAdness 19th

HAPPY Birthday Roomie!

Ditching you at Shell Station, double punking, climbing to the 12th storey, car wash, Joel piaing from Hougang, ECt weird ideas, Ronald's unbearable crap, guys hiding in our room, our pat talk till 5am, guess it was an unforgettable 19th for you.

Maybe you are right, happiness can be found anywhere, not just in love.

Just wanna be at peace,

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Happy Ending?

It's not like what you think
Who doesn't want a fairytale
But I just don't want to hurt you
My heart's not with me
That's why I don't dare to like you
Or perhaps I already have

Long long time

It's been long...

First thingy first... Ha ha, Miao dun worry, i'm sure even when we grow old, (be it 40 or 80) you will still be giving me crap and all kinds of lame things to laugh about. I have already accepted my fate. Heh. It's certainly heartening to know tat though we may have our own new groups of friends and a whole new life, we remian forever close at heart. Wish you were there at the rooftop that day. You really freaked me out in your drunked state...

Been busy and having fun... After exams, no books, no nerds, whooo hooo!


JB was really fun with all the eating, phototaking and chatting. The two seniors provided non-stop entertainment. Dinner was great... esp the sharks fin.

Yah, our illegal VCDs as well. We bought so many and did not get caught. Smart us! The person deliver it here for us.

Qianhui, thanks for Singapore Idol. You and Shurong please pay me 20 bucks each for the Christopher photo. Ha ha.


Thank you all for making it all so memorable for me. Was wondering if I had ever made a difference in your lives just as all of you had in my life. But Ronald told me that guys usually don't display the soft side of them. Heh.

62 Rox! (esp the one in the Stefanie shirt)

Of Hall

It's crazy...
I'm in Hockey, Netball, Volleyball, Softball and cheerleading. Siao liao! (Don't misunderstand. It's because my hall too little gals want to join. Sigh.) In the end, I have cuts on my leg and numerous blue black on my hands. Volleyball is like a terribly painful sport! Now I understand wat is Shang hen lei lei.

Plus IVP soccer team selection is just around the corner.

BErt bert and Xiao niu, please be nice chief programmer... dun make me be the ghost in the ghost walk. I'll scream before the person sees me. So exciting! can't wait for FOC! I'm the Princess programmer. Yup, that's me.

Of Family

Had a BIG family gathering at my place.

It's amazing how guys change over time. A while ago, my cousin was still that cute little boy playing with me. Now, we are talking about his gfs and how he ditch one for a chioer one. What a disappointment!

My little cousin is getting cuter. Just like me!

Of Pets

Introducing... my new pet... Topaz aka Topi

Joan, Miao, Shan... F4 gathering soon k...

Till again,
Sporty Seng