Wednesday, July 21, 2004

My Goldfish Story

I used to be this carefree  goldfish, swimming happily alongside my favourite goldfish. Though she made funny 'miaoing' noises, she was still my favourite. That's what made her special. Together, we braved through ripples and helped one another through the darkest nights.

There were two others, one black goldfish and another which had some 'tehing' disease. We lived in this big pond and ate seeweed joyfully each day. In this pond, there were many other fishes. Some looked more like birds than others. We were one big, happy family.

Then one day, the pond was renovated and the fishes were transferred to different places. I was thrown into the ocean, the miao and black into the sea and the teh one into the river. I swam, I struggled and got used to the salty waters. I made new fish friends. There were clown fishes, octopus, sharks, turtles, starfishes and many more. The new environment was bigger, more beautiful and interesting. Yet deep inside me, I missed my cosy little pond home. And in my little goldfish heart, there can only be one most special goldfish.

"For they know,
just right there,
in another ocean,
That goldfish will always care. " (Quoted)
For you my special goldfish,

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Camp Craze!!!

It was two consecutive weeks of camp for me. I’m now totally SHAG and BLACK (the exact colour of Joan the darkie at her darkest. Now, I regret teasing her when she was that black).
It was a real culture shock that I experienced in both the camps.
If anyone thought that Hwa Chong’s orientation was great, trust me, the two camps (nbs and sports camp) that I went to were many many many times better.
The Games
There were games where we had to pass skittles mouth to mouth, guy to gal. We also had to pass bits of cheese, lettuces, tomatoes and bread using our chest, armpits, toes, butt, every where one can think of. In the end, the miserable bits of remnants (after passing through like 20 people)  were place together in a sandwich and the CGL had to eat it.
Trust me, that wasn’t the worst. Another game was the ultimate fear factor. We stood in a line. The first person was given you zai gui to chew. After he chews it into pieces, he passes on the bolus to the next person who continues chewing. And when the food bolus got smaller, it was topped up with egg tart, char siew bun and bread. YUCKS! It was totally grotesque when that salivia filled thighy drops into your mouth and you have to chew it. At the end of the line, the CGL had to swallow it.
There were many other games, like amazing race, shi zi ru kou, beach games, night games and war games. We climbed through drains, slide down high slopes, swam through rivers to the gay beach and done so many crazy things I would never imagine doing in my life.   
One of the forfeits required me to lick of the letter ‘M’ on a M and Ms which was on the chest of a guy. It was totally embarrassing. Sigh.
Fright Night

There was ‘fright night’ at Sentosa where we had to walk through the dark and gloomy trail which lasted about an hour.
The programmers spent the entire day preparing for the night. They bought phantom masks, professional make up and quality costumes.
That night, everyone was sharing ghost stories. After that we were blindfolded and when they took off the blindfolds, two ju on look alikes appeared. We went in groups of threes and fours. I was so terrified that I nearly died. Throughout the horrifying journey, there were hands coming out of the bushes to grab our legs, hoods zooming around and people with cloaks appearing from nowhere.
In one of the places, there was this Serdarko ghost who pointed at me and said in this eerie voice “you, go pick up the baby”. I had to retrieve a baby from the water behind her. I couldn’t find the baby… And then, suddenly, a white bundle just flew out of the water. That night was the most nerve wrecking experience I had in my life. I really understood what it meant by “scared out of my wits.”
SP night (Secret Pal Night)
In each of the camp, each of us had a secret pal whom we do not know their true identity. For the first camp, we were made to talk to each other blindfolded and holding hands. For the subsequent camp, we wrote to each other (like the angel mortal game.) After which we will get to meet each other.

The first SP meeting was a torturous one for all the guys. To get the gals, they had to sing, dance and even stripped. The guys had to enter a room with all the gals and seniors. One guy forgot to take off his shoes and was sent out. Another could not name all the seniors and was sent out as well. But the evening was nice. We had dinner followed by clubbing at Rooch after that.  The second SP night was at Sentosa, across the suspension bridge. (also known as the revelation brigde)
I was really lucky and thankful as both my Sp were really nice people to talk to and there was little awkwardness.

The games and activities at sports camp were fun and xiong. I got to try canoe water polo, surfing, skiing, suba diving, jet skiing, sailing, in line hockey and floorball.
The Cheers

The cheers were mostly in Hokkien… And many of them were like very Porn… they range from NC 16 to RA 21… It’s really so so so so extremely disgusting. But after a few days, everyone got so used to it. But they were very amusing. If you guys happen to meet me, do remind me to tell you those cheers.
So many things happened… It is impossible for me to write them all down. I told myself that whether I’ll have fun in NTU greatly depended on myself. Though my closest friends and jiaoins are no longer by my side, fun is something I have to seek for. I made lots of new friends and had an enormous load of fun. I couldn’t have asked for more.
Merlot and Tritions though we came in as 2nd best OG, you people are the best OG in my heart!
Though new friends were acquainted, nothing beats coming home and hearing from you people- Joan, Shan, Sher, Hongkun and Go Away. Joan, I can't wait to meet cookie. Hongkun and Go away, it's amazing to hear that you guys are just as jiaobin as ever. You guys will always have that special place in my heart.
Having fun but
Miss ya lots,