Tuesday, June 29, 2004


There is this alien look alike uncle who fixed up my com! yay! Now my com is so fast! (sigh 800 bucks!) So,I'm going to start blogging again! (*clap*)

I've just quitted my job in Haagen Dazs. My parents were stern about it so there wasn't any room for negotiations. I left silently. (Really didn't want any of my colleagues to know) Haagen Dazs started off as an ecapism from my JC life but it ended up with my share of fun, laughter and memories that are going to last. In this special place, there was this special spider that I want to thank so much. He taught me so much, touched me in so many ways and most of all, he treated my friends like they were his. In life, there are wonderful surpries. This time, it was not fate, it was God's blessings.

Today had been a rough day for Kaixuan, Brain and Joan. After having a smooth, steady ride from me, they have to endure a nerve-wrecking drive from sherza. Poor kids! I drove them through the '13 bends' race track like a totally cool racer. (By the way, Jay Chou is coming up with this new movie from the comic Initial D, where Edison drives a Mazda sports as a racer! Totally awesome. I'm looking forward to earning enough money to buy a Mazda racer too.)

Mahjong was a major cheating game! Sigh. (Joan and Briany I bet you guys know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.) Then there was bowling. Kaixuan amazed us with her consecutive zero 'long gang' balls followed closely by consecutive strikes and spares after that. Amazing man, that gal.

Camps and school are going to start. I guess we'll all be pursuing our own life, dreams and goals very soon. But friends remain close at heart, no matter the distance or the time. Trust me, when I see you guys back from America or meet you on the street one fine day, I'll stiil give you a smack on the back or a strangling hug. Nothing changes inside.

Mazda Racer,
Sengison Chen.

P.S Looking forward to 'overnight stay' in Briany's house. Sneaky mice! heh.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Picture Perfect?!?

the three BIG PIGS!

Cool Sud ZAI!!???!

Just like that, the 4 of us... I'm happy. It means the world to me just to have you guys.

Love always,

Friday, June 25, 2004

Sherza: Afterall, it takes the power of FOUR! to crack the DAVINci CODE! YEAGH!!!! WEE WROCK!

Joan: PLEAAAAAAASE don ever try to tell seng to blog.. BECAUSE she takes like 2 hours to access the blogger website.. PLUS she thinks that she has to go to www.cheekyfries.blogspot.com to blog..haha :) seng is cool sud ZAI..

Shanz: ZAI ROX!!!~!!! BurpZ...